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  1. 2021 Notice of Annual Meeting

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    Hello VRC homeowners,

    The 2021 Annual Meeting Packet is being circulated today, 2-21-21.

    • Those owners who have request MAIL notices are being mailed the packet.
    • Those owners who have request EMAIL is being emailed the notice.
    • Those owners who are on the EMAIL BLAST are also getting the notice.  As such, it may be possible that you will get it by mail and email.


    Deadline to vote is Thursday, March 18, 12 noon.  You may send your ballot back by email to or mail to HBS for VRC HOA, 6258 E Grant Road, Tucson Az 85712   or fax to 520-867-6097.



    Brenda Goodell

    Property Manager


  2. Notice of Book Share starting 1-27-21

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    Hello VRC Homeowners,

    With the clubhouse closed due to the pandemic and many of you probably reading more than normal, we wanted to offer an opportunity for everyone to be able to get books from our clubhouse collection and/or contribute books to the collection.

    Therefore, starting this Wednesday, January 27, we will have a VRC Book Share available from 7-11am with bookshelf located just outside the back door of the clubhouse.

    We will plan on continuing it, every Wednesday, weather permitting, until the clubhouse can be safely reopened.

    Please utilize at your own risk, and wash or sanitize your hands after taking or leaving books on the shelves.

    Happy reading everyone!

    VRC Board of Directors

  3. Landscape Update 11-13-20

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    We have received several inquiries and questions from owners about the fluorescent pink ribbons on some trees and plants.  Additionally, many have asked about the flags in the ground around buildings 5, 6 & 7. This is following a recent assessment of work that is forthcoming to those specific plants or locations. Please do not remove or change anything that you see.

    All markings are tied to current 2020 landscape upgrades or for proposed 2021 design upgrades.  The work on adding new plants (indicated by the flags) to the three buildings in 2020 will begin soon.  We delayed these plantings until we escaped the overly hot, long summer-like weather. That work is supposed to start next week. 

    Tagged trees and plants from building 8 through 12 and buildings 4, 16 & 17 are a part of the 2021 upgrade.  We tagged them earlier than in past years so we can review the design around these buildings.  Some of the plants included in previous years’ designs have not fared well, so we are making some changes and needed to visualize the changes to the existing landscape.  The 2021 upgrades are targeted for late February to early March.

    There will also be some limited tree trimming before the end of the year and additional tree trimming in February.  As in the past, HBS will advise all owners when tree trimming, and removals will take place.  Every effort will be made to avoid any access problems for the owners.  But there will be a limited time (few hours) where access will be somewhat restricted.  This is for everyone’s safety and to expedite the required tree work.

    We appreciate everyone’s interest in the on-going landscape design upgrades.  The 2021 upgrades end a four-year project.  After 2021 we will be looking at specific needs throughout the property and hopefully can enter the dialog for any upgrade work with a proposed golf course concept.  When we get through the 2021 upgrades, we will be discussing the shared property boundary with the defunct golf course.  We will reach out to all owners for suggestions, concerns and ideas for consideration and a proposal from our HOA to the “new” golf course owners.

    We appreciate your patience as we work through the care and maintenance within the community.

    Bob Long, VRC Landscape Liaison

  4. Message from the Board President regarding rentals

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    October 9, 2020

    Greetings fellow VRC Homeowners,

    This letter is intended for those of you that rent out your units either yourself or through a rental agency but is also for the information of all homeowners.

    We have had a number of problems attributed to short term summer renters the past two years who were drawn to VRC by extremely low nightly rates, as low as $64 per night this year, and short minimum stay requirements (3 days). This year saw the highest number of summer rentals ever, which we believe was due in part to Arizona residents being unable to travel out of state because of Covid 19. I am sure many that rent their unit saw extra income this summer but at what cost? I would imagine, based on what we were seeing in the complex this summer, that rental units have had to have taken on some issues too, possibly things broken or missing. I am sure at a minimum wear and tear was at a premium.

    As a reminder, Unit Owners are responsible for their tenants and guest’s behavior, as well as for fees, fines or attorney costs that may be imposed or incurred due to their tenant’s noncompliance with the Rules & Regulations.

    Thank you to Vacasa for already raising the minimum rate for summer 2021 rentals to $107 per night, and even higher over 4th of July timeframe. I am requesting that all owners that rent consider raising minimum rates, too, and take it one step further and consider changing to at least a one week, and preferably, two week minimum stay during the summer to help combat the issues that are occurring. If all owners are consistent with this, I think it will attract a much higher quality of summer renter to VRC.

    At the September board meeting, a $25 per rental fee to be paid by owners was approved. This is allowed by Arizona law and will help cover some of the costs incurred due to renter’s action(s). The biggest single occurrence was the $2000 fireworks damage in 2019 to the astroturf caused by short term renters. This will be effective starting January 1, 2021 and does not include contracts signed before that date. Further correspondence will occur concerning this new fee.

    We have a beautifully maintained and highly desirable community to live in and vacation in. It is hoped that by taking a few actions, HOA rental fee, higher summer rental rates and possibly longer stays, more responsible renters will stay at the complex and help maintain the quality of the community.


    Tom Buckett

    VRC President



    Hello VRC Homeowners,

    It is with great pleasure that thanks to pressure put on the Pima County Board of Supervisors by us and our attorney, they have excluded HOA pools from the extremely restrictive regulations they put forth on May 13. Therefore, our pool and hot tub will be reopening May 22, at 10:00am. Regular summer hours will be in effect from 6:00am-10:00pm daily after Friday.

    Because we are unable to clean and sanitize furniture between each use there will be no furniture provided in the pool area or any common area for now. You are allowed to bring in your own furniture and remove it after using.

    The guidelines below (also attached) will be posted on each pool gate. We trust that these guidelines will be adhered to for the safety of all our owners and guests. If the board deems that the guidelines are not being followed, we may be forced to shut down the pool area again. Your cooperation is appreciated. 


    Residents who choose to use the pool area must follow these guidelines:

    According to the CDC, there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through water in pools or hot tubs.

    • For your safety you should bring your own hand sanitizer and use after touching any surfaces in the pool area, including keypads, gates, railings, etc.
    • You can bring your own furniture to use within the pool area. Remove after use. 
    • Practice social distancing (6 feet apart) and other recommended CDC guidelines currently in place. 
    • No more than 10 people may be in the pool area at any time.
    • No more than 1 person or related couple may use the hot tub at any time.
    • Do not enter the pool area if you are sick.
    • If you are at higher risk for severe illness, you should avoid using the pool and/or hot tub. People at higher risk for severe illness include adults 65 or older and people of any age who have underlying health conditions.
    • After leaving the pool area, use hand sanitizer. When you get home, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

    “Please continue to follow all existing rules for use of the pool area”

  6. Grills and Fire Pits Open as of May 18

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    Hello VRC Homeowners,

    At the Friday, May 15 Board Meeting, it was decided that the grills and fire pits will be reopened today per the attached rules. The pool and clubhouse remain closed. We hope to have updated direction soon that will allow us to open them. 

    VRC Board of Directors

    Grill & Firepit Rules