Landscape Update 11-13-20

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We have received several inquiries and questions from owners about the fluorescent pink ribbons on some trees and plants.  Additionally, many have asked about the flags in the ground around buildings 5, 6 & 7. This is following a recent assessment of work that is forthcoming to those specific plants or locations. Please do not remove or change anything that you see.

All markings are tied to current 2020 landscape upgrades or for proposed 2021 design upgrades.  The work on adding new plants (indicated by the flags) to the three buildings in 2020 will begin soon.  We delayed these plantings until we escaped the overly hot, long summer-like weather. That work is supposed to start next week. 

Tagged trees and plants from building 8 through 12 and buildings 4, 16 & 17 are a part of the 2021 upgrade.  We tagged them earlier than in past years so we can review the design around these buildings.  Some of the plants included in previous years’ designs have not fared well, so we are making some changes and needed to visualize the changes to the existing landscape.  The 2021 upgrades are targeted for late February to early March.

There will also be some limited tree trimming before the end of the year and additional tree trimming in February.  As in the past, HBS will advise all owners when tree trimming, and removals will take place.  Every effort will be made to avoid any access problems for the owners.  But there will be a limited time (few hours) where access will be somewhat restricted.  This is for everyone’s safety and to expedite the required tree work.

We appreciate everyone’s interest in the on-going landscape design upgrades.  The 2021 upgrades end a four-year project.  After 2021 we will be looking at specific needs throughout the property and hopefully can enter the dialog for any upgrade work with a proposed golf course concept.  When we get through the 2021 upgrades, we will be discussing the shared property boundary with the defunct golf course.  We will reach out to all owners for suggestions, concerns and ideas for consideration and a proposal from our HOA to the “new” golf course owners.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the care and maintenance within the community.

Bob Long, VRC Landscape Liaison